Director Srini and composer Arjun Janya craft multilingual OGM medley in Ghost

Director Srini and composer Arjun Janya have struck the right chord with Shivarajkumar's upcoming film, Ghost. The first track, titled Original Gangster music (OGM), was unveiled on September 23, and it has been trending.

While the audience has heard songs dubbed and released in multiple languages, OGM is a multilingual track, combining lyrics in Kannada, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, all in one track.

"We have often released songs dubbed and released in their respective languages, preferring the local dialect. However, in Ghost, we've created a medley with a mix of a few languages, releasing it as a single song, making it a universal track," explains director Srini, adding, "When we release songs dubbed in multiple languages, sometimes they may not sound as good due to differences in native languages and lyrics. By creating one universal song, incorporating all South Indian languages, and maintaining continuity in the respective languages, we ensure a seamless experience, giving a sneak peek into the protagonist role, played by Shivanna."

While Chiranjeevi has penned the lyrics in Kannada, Rajesh has written it in Malayalam, and MG Chetan has taken care of the Tamil and Telugu versions. The latter has also lent his vocals alongside singers Aishwarya Rangarajan and Jithin Raj. "This sequential song enhances the cinematic experience by syncing with the scenes and character development, which will be the case for the rest of the tracks too," says Srini.

Currently, Shivarajkumar, juggling between various projects, is dubbing his portions for Ghost. The multilingual heist thriller made under Sandesh production banner is billed as a duology, with the first part releasing on October 19. The makers are looking to unveil the trailer on September 30, followed by the release of the songs, just in time for the festive season of Dasara.

Ghost, featuring Shivarajkumar in a unique role, also has Bollywood actor Anupam Kher and actor Jayaram making their Kannada debut. The film stars Archana Jois playing a significant role. The cinematography for Ghost is handled by Mahendra Simha.

We researched close to 150 titles before finalising on Marichi: Director Sidhruv

Director Sidhruv's debut film, Marichi, is gearing up for release. With the film in the final stages of post-production, the makers recently released a teaser. The sneak peek piques curiosity with suspenseful and thrilling elements, and introduces the various characters part of the film. While the title is derived from Hindu mythology, Marichi, the son of lord Brahma, features Vijay Raghavendra as an investigative officer on the trail of a dangerous serial killer. Sonu Gowda plays the wife of Vijay's character. The story is said to be inspired by a crime story Sidhruv came across on television, involving an individual who was acquitted of a crime 18 years later courtesy of technology and forensic development.

Talking about the title, director Sidhruv said, "We had 150 titles in front of us, and we carefully chose the right one, specifically looking for a name related to Rishi. That's why we settled on the title Marichi. The title refers to Brahma's son and also known as the father of the demons. In our film, Marichi plays the role of a father figure with a dark past. The story and the entire film has turned out well."

"The dialogue 'Godfather of good and bad' itself creates anticipation about the storyline in everyone's minds, and we aim to deliver that excitement with Marichi," says Vijay Raghavendra, adding, "It's a crime thriller, and the director has entrusted me with a significant role, while he has meticulously selected the cast to ensure they fit their respective roles."

Sonu Gowda expressed her excitement about being part of the film. "My character is well-drawn, and there is ample room for performance in this film. Playing a married couple with Vijay sir onscreen after Happy New Year feels good. The director beautifully portrays emotions in the film."

Apart from Vijay Raghavendra and Sonu Gowda, the film features Abhi, Spandana, Aryaan, Shruti Patil, Gopalakrishna Deshpande, Arun Balraj, and others in prominent roles.

Produced by Sidhruv and Santosh Mapayappa under the SS Rec banner, Marichi features cinematography by Manohar Joshi and music by Judah Sandy. The team plan to release the film in theaters in November.

Alexa locks release date

Jeeva’s upcoming directorial, Alexa, which is centered around the pharmaceutical mafia, is set to hit theatres on November 3. The film features Aditi Prabhudeva and Pawan Tej in lead roles.

In the recently released teaser, we see the introduction of Aditi as a police officer. At the teaser launch, Aditi said, “It was a long-time dream for me to play this role, which has finally been fulfilled. My real-life dream of becoming a police officer didn’t come true, but when the director offered me the role of an investigation officer in this film, I eagerly accepted it. I also dreamt of being an action heroine, which has also become a reality through this film. The action sequences, choreographed by action director Ravi Varma and Mass Mada, have turned out exceptionally well.”

Pawan Tej, who made a special mention of the director’s story, also expressed his enthusiasm for acting alongside Aditi Prabhudeva. Alexa also features Nagaarjuna, Meghashree, Mimicry Gopi, and Chandrakala Mohan in prominent roles.

Produced by V Chandru, Alexa might also have a second instalment. While the film’s music is composed by APO, the cinematography and editing are by Satish B and Umesh R, respectively.

Andondithu Kaala’s audio rights sold

Vinay Rajkumar is gearing up for the release of Pepe, and he also has another interesting project, Andondithu Kaala, getting ready to hit the theatres. Directed by Keerthi Kuchela and set in the 90s, this film features the legendary Crazy Star Ravichandran in a pivotal role. Currently in post-production, the latest buzz is that the film’s audio rights have been sold to A2 music for a good price, indicating strong potential, reveals the director, who also shared a fresh few stills from the film.

The film’s music, composed by V. Raghavendra, features lyrics by Dr V Nagendra Prasad and Dhananjay Ranjan, with talented singers contributing to the songs.

Produced by Bhuvan Movies Banner, Andondithu Kaala has Aditi Prabhudeva paired opposite Vinay Rajkumar and also stars Nisha Milana, Aruna Balaraj, Kaddipudi Chandru, Jaggappa, and Govinde Gowda in prominent roles.

Meanwhile, Vinay Rajkumar plans to start shooting for Gramayana on Oct 4, a film set in a rural village backdrop with Megha Shetty as the female lead.


New release date for Totapuri 2 announced

The creators of Totapuri 2 initially planned to release it on August 10, alongside Jailer, but they postponed the date. Now, it’s hitting theatres on September 28.

This film is the sequel to Totapuri and features Jaggesh and Daali Dhananjay in leading roles. Directed by Vijayaprasad, this film is a duology and its first part was released on September 30 last year. Now, the second instalment is set to release one year later.

The film’s focus on communal harmony among different religions resonated with various segments of the audience, Jaggesh’s humour, Dhananjay’s presence, diverse settings, and the film’s underlying message generated high expectations among the audience and the recent trailer release of Totapuri 2, has built anticipation around the film.

Producer KA Suresh stated, “The first part of  Totapuri received a positive reception in theatres and on digital platforms. We anticipate a similar response for the second part, especially since it’s releasing during a holiday weekend with festivals and vacations.”

Totapuri 2 also features Dattatreya, Veena Sundar, and Hema Dutta, in pivotal roles. With the music composed by Anoop Seelin, the film’s cinematography is handled by Niranjan Prabhu.


Malashree returns to action with Maadeva

The shooting of director Naveen Reddy’s directorial Maadeva, starring Vinod Prabhakar as the lead and Kitty as the antagonist was recently completed, and the film was shot in just 80 days. Now it has come to light that this film, described as an inspirational story spanning different time periods (1965, 1980, and 1999), will also feature Malashree in a prominent role. While the details about her character are being kept under wraps, it is confirmed that the film will mark the return of the action queen to her territory as it has intense action sequences involving her.

Malashree, who was celebrated for her versatile roles, was equally famous for her action roles. Thriller Manju, who has choreographed the stunts for the actor, promises that her action scenes in the film will be a treat for her fans. Further information about her role will be unveiled in the coming days, along with details about other cast members.

Maadeva, produced by R Keshava under the Radhakrishna Pictures banner, features Vinod Prabhakar in the titular role and Sonal Monteiro as the female lead. This duo, who previously gained popularity with the Darshan starrer Robberrt, are teaming up once again. The film also features Shruti, Achyuth Kumar, and Suddhi in pivotal roles.

The film has been shot in various locations across Karnataka and Hyderabad and is now in the post-production phase. Balakrishna Thota, a former assistant to Baahubali DOP Senthil Kumar, has handled the cinematography, while Praddyottan has composed the music for the film.

In addition to Maadeva, Vinod Prabhakar is eagerly anticipating the release of Fighter, which is expected to hit theatres in October.

Priyanka Upendra: I must credit the directors and producers who have placed their faith in me

Priyanka Upendra’s 50th film, Detective Teekshana, is gearing up for release, and the makers recently unveiled the film’s trailer at an event graced by Realstar Upendra and other dignitaries. The film, helmed by director Trivikram Raghu, delves into a spine-tingling spate of murders and features Priyanka as Teekshana in the heart of gripping action sequences.

At the trailer launch event, Upendra, with an air of joviality, remarked that the role of a detective is not confined to the silver screen alone; it permeates every household. With a chuckle, Uppi whimsically quipped, “As they say, every husband has a detective wife.”

Speaking about the film, Uppi mentioned that the character of Detective Teekshana has been flawlessly crafted in every dimension, and the film is not just a visual delight but will strike a chord with its music. He added, “Priyanka has now achieved the monumental feat of 50 films, whereas I stand at 46. Here’s to wishing her success with her 50th, and may it serve as a stepping stone toward her journey to a century of films.”

Director Trivikram Raghu, sharing his sentiments, expressed his elation at having the privilege of directing Priyanka in her milestone film. “Priyanka’s unwavering commitment has been a cornerstone of this project, and the entire team, from the artists to the technicians, has contributed their vivid imaginations to bring this thrilling tale to life.”

With the film in post-production, Raghu revealed that the film will hit the screens in two months.

At the event, Priyanka said, “When I reflect upon the fact that I’ve had the privilege of acting in 50 films, I must credit the directors and producers who have placed their faith in me. I’ve always valued input from all quarters and made decisions with care. The character I portray in this film is mentally resilient, and I’m hopeful that this film will lay the foundation for an enthralling franchise.”

Interestingly, the makers are preparing for a multi-lingual release strategy, spanning seven languages, including Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, and Bengali.

Detective Teekshana features a musical score by P Rohith, and the cinematography is by Manu Dasappa.

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara continues its winning streak

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara, produced by Vijay Kiragandur of Hombale Films, is still riding high on a wave of accolades and honours.

Talking about winning major awards across various events in the country and abroad, Rishab Shetty said that this impressive haul of awards not only signifies the film’s national recognition but also reflects the dedication and hard work of the entire team.

Rishab Shetty, who is currently engrossed in the pre-production phase of Kantara 2, adds, “The first set of awards comes from the audience, and these accolades serve as an energising fuel.”

Reflecting on the camaraderie that is exemplified in such award ceremonies where stars from different industries come together, Rishab says,  “We get to meet a diverse array of individuals, including technicians, actors, and senior filmmakers. I got to meet renowned personalities such as Kamal Haasan, director Mani Ratnam, Lokesh Kanagaraj, Gayathri Pushkar, SJ Suryah, and filmmakers from Telugu and Malayalam cinema.”

As the accolades keep pouring in, the anticipation for Kantara 2 has also intensified. Rishab reveals that he and his talented team of writers, Aniruddh Mahesh and Shanil Guru, are currently fine-tuning the script. When asked about rumours of his weight loss, possibly for the prequel, he remains tight-lipped, promising to reveal details as the shooting schedule unfolds.

“Currently, the focus is on finalising locations and scouting for fresh faces, especially for the role of the heroine, who will hail from the Kannada film industry. Some actors from the original Kantara are also expected to join the prequel. We plan to commence shooting by the end of November or possibly in December,” he says.

Kendavare marks the debut of Adithya Vinod Nayak

Director Pannaga Somashekar, who marked his directorial debut with Kadala Theerada Bhargava, is set to helm his sophomore project, titled Kendavare. The title announcement was made by Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar.

The film marks the debut of Adithya Vinod Nayak, who has previously appeared in a music album. Based on a real-life incident, Kendavare, produced under the Aprameya Films banner, will have Hithanshu providing the music, while Kirthan Pujari handles the cinematography.

The makers, who are busy with the pre-production, plan to begin shooting in November in locations like Hubbali, Karwar and Sagar among other places in Karnataka.

Garadi gets a release date

Yogaraj Bhat’s upcoming film Garadi, starring Yashas Surya, has been in the making for some time and the makers have finally announced its release date. The film, centred around traditional wrestling, is set to release on November 10. The news was officially revealed on the occasion of Gowri Ganesha festivities.
Garadi produced by Vanaja Patil’s Kourava Production house, and Soumya Films has gained special attention for its inclusion of Challenging star Darshan in a cameo role, and has politician, producer, actor, and director BC Patil in a prominent role. Sonal Monteiro plays the female lead and the film also features Ravi Shankar in a significant character. Niranjan Babu serves as the cinematographer, while V Harikrishna collaborates with Yogaraj Bhat to compose the music.

In addition to Garadi, Yogaraj Bhat is simultaneously working on Karataka Damanaka, starring Shivarajkumar and Prabhudeva. The film, produced by Rockline Venkatesh, is currently in post-production.