Lisa Frankenstein begins filming

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a cult in horror and it has been interpreted a lot of times on film. The latest reimagination is Lisa Frankenstein, produced by Focus Features. Actor Kathryn Newton has broken the information that the film has just started filming.

Writer Diablo Cody, famous for penning Jennifer’s Body, will be writing the film and will be helmed by actor Zelda Williams, who is making her directorial debut. 

Lisa Frankenstein is set in 1989 where an “unpopular high schooler accidentally re-animates a handsome Victorian corpse during a lightning storm and starts to rebuild him into the man of her dreams using the broken tanning bed in her garage.” 

It will be interesting to know if the modern take on the classic story will have new twists and turns. Along with Newton, who has starred in horror films like Paranormal Activity 4 and Freaky, this Frankenstein adaptation also stars Cole Sprouse of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Riverdale.

There’s currently no release date for Lisa Frankenstein yet.