Yuva gears up for release; secures audio rights for a massive price

Excitement mounts around Yuva as it marks the debut of Yuvraj Kumar, grandson of the legendary Rajkumar, who is all set to entertain audiences with his debut film. The youth action entertainer directed by Santhosh Ananddram and produced under the Hombale Films banner, which was wrapped up recently, is now scheduled to release on March 29.

The anticipation surrounding his first film is obvious, especially among the fans. Teaming up with a noted production house behind blockbusters like KGF and Kantara, and under the direction of Santhosh Ananddram, known for hits like Mr and Mrs Ramachari and Raajakumara, the film has generated significant buzz.

In a recent development, the film’s audio rights have been reportedly secured by the Aanand Audio music label for a massive price of over 3 crores, setting a record for a newcomer’s film. While details about the film’s plot and cast details are still being kept under wraps, Yuva stars Sapthami Gowda as the female lead and Achyuth Kumar in a pivotal role. The music for Yuva is composed by Ajaneesh Loknath.

Tanush Shivanna’s Mr Natwarlal to release this week

Tanush Shivanna, the hero of Madamakki and Nanjundi Kalyana, is all set for the release of his next film Mr Natwarlal which is hitting the screens this week. Directed by V Lava, the film’s title is derived from the 1979 Hindi hit film, starring Amitabh Bachchan, but offers a unique crime-action thriller experience.

Tanush, who also produces the film under the Tanush Cinemas banner, shares insights into the storyline. He explains that while the title pays homage to the Hindi film, the plot loosely revolves around the infamous con artist Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava, also known as Natwarlal (1912-2009). “Natwarlal was an Indian fraudster known for his audacious scams, including the purported sale of iconic landmarks like the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the Parliament House of India. We’ve woven elements of his life into the narrative, adding layers of crime and action,” the actor-producer elaborates.

Mr. Natwarlal stars Sonal Monteiro as the female lead, alongside Nagabhushana, Rajesh Nataranga, Sujay Shastry, Yash Setty, Sudhi, KS Sridhar, Triveni Rao, and Padma Vasanthi. The film has a screenplay penned by Lava, cinematography by William David, music by Dharma Vish and editing by KM Prakash.

Raghavendra Rajkumar to play retired doctor in Kannamuche Kaadegude

Nataraj Krishna’s Kannaamuche Kaadegude, a murder mystery, brings together an interesting cast. Jyothi Shetty, the actor who played the villain in Garuda Gamana Vrishaba Vahana, Atharva Prakash, the lead hero of Man of the Match, and it stars Raghavendra in a pivotal role as a retired doctor. The film, which was shot in Bengaluru and Mangalore, has been censored U/A and is gearing up for a release. The poster of the film was recently unveiled at the Sukhananka Charitable Trust Orphanage.

Speaking about this film, director Nataraj Krishna said, “Kannamuche… holds the characteristics of a suspense thriller and promises to be an internal commercial film. Raghavendra Rajkumar being part of our film in a significant role is a major highlight of our film. He has contributed substantially to the story and is teaming up with newcomers.”


Kannaamuche Kaadegude produced by Anitha Veeresh Kumar and Meenakshi Rajashekar has Deepak Kumar JK handling the cinematography, and Bedre is in charge of editing. Kannamuche…. also features Prarthana as the heroine, alongside Veeresh Kumar, Aravind Boloor, Raviram Kunj, Suresh Rai, and others.


Mayura-Thejas, director duo, to debut with Bhava Theera Yaana

Directors Mayura Ambekallu and Thejas Kiran, who began their journey with short films First Love Part I and Part II, eventually followed it up by making their feature film. Titled Bhava Theera Yaana, derived from the columnist AR Manikanth, The story written by the duo directors was unveiled at a recent event in the presence of Bhama Harish, Nityananda Prabhu, Karisubbu, Shilpa Srinivas, Lion Venkatesh, and journalist Manikanth. The film’s subject is centred around a boy’s journey of love, featuring Thejas Kiran, who is also playing the lead along with Arohi as the heroine.

The film also features noted actor Ramesh Bhat in an important role, who expressed his appreciation towards the team, highlighting the unique role offered to him after his remarkable 50-year career. “Bhava Theera Yaana was initially conceived as a two-part short film totalling 40 minutes each, which was expanded to over 2 hours and 10 minutes with the addition of new characters,” says Mayura, who along with Thejas has completed the shooting, which is in the post-production phase. The film, produced by Shalesh Ambekallu and Lakshmana BK, also has director Mayura serving as a music composer. The film has Vishakha Nagalapura penning the dialogues, and Shivashankara Noorambada as DOP.

Kappu Bilupina Naduve marks the directorial debut of Vasanth Vishnu

Had things gone well for Vasanth Vishnu, his debut film Akhaada, also featuring Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathi as the antagonist, would have been his debut release, but unfortunately, it is still to hit the theatres. The actor then began his acting journey with Thandavaa and also appeared in a Tulu film titled Pavithra, which reportedly ran for one year. Now, Vasanth Vishnu is testing the waters in filmmaking with Kappu Bilupina Naduve. The title, which translates to Between black and white, is said to be a horror thriller.

According to the debutant, the film delves into the interplay between darkness and light, the journey between the human and paranormal realms, and the battle between light and darkness. “Somewhere, black and white encompasses all the colours and relates to everyone’s life, although perspectives may vary from person to person. This film will connect with all these aspects,” he explains.

Incidentally, Kappu Bilupina Naduve is based on true events and this story sheds light on the lack of infrastructure in a certain village where several ominous incidents have taken place on a road connecting the village to the outside world. The villagers, deeply entrenched in their superstitions, are reluctant to address the issue. “I explore how social influences, such as YouTubers, navigate to this village and its roads in Kappu Bilupina Naduve,” says the director on the sidelines of the film’s release on February 23. The actor-turned-filmmaker, prior to the release met Vijay Sethupathi, who personally wished him success for his new venture.

Apart from directing, Vasanth Vishnu plays the lead role in Kappu Bilupina Naduve. With Vidyashree Gowda playing the female lead, the film has Sharath Lohitashwa, Biradar, Comedy Time Harish, and Naveen Raghunath playing pivotal characters.

Produced by Dharmendra DS under Golden Shine Productions, the film has music by AK Rishal Sai and cinematography by Praveen Shetty.

Jugalbandi gets a release date

Jugalbandi the upcoming film by Divakar Dimdima is set to release on March 1. The director has taken multiple responsibilities for the film, serving as the story, screenplay, and dialogue writer. It is produced under his own banner and distributed by Visica Films.

The film features three main plots, focusing on a mother, a couple, and a visually impaired person, respectively. All of them will focus on their hunt for finance.

“The central theme of the film revolves around the pursuit of money, a concept not found in religious texts like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, or Quran. Jugalbandi is a suspense thriller, which revolves around the three parallel plots,” says the director.

Jugalbandi has Pradyotan as the composer and consists of an ensemble cast Archana Kottige, Ashwin Rao, Santosh Ashray, and Yash Shetty in leading roles, supported by Prakash Belavadi, Chandra Prabha GJ, Ranjan, and Yuktalu Sush.

Dhairyam Sarvathra Sadhanam gets a release date

AR Sairam, who has previously worked as a dialogue writer in around 18 films, for 14 years, is all set to make his directorial debut with Dhairyam Sarvathra Sadhanam. The film is gearing up to hit the big screens on February 23. According to the first-time filmmaker Sairam, Dhairyam Sarvathra Sadhanam is based on a real incident, which took place in a remote village of Koratagere taluk.

"The film, revolving around a father and a son, is a real-life incident which took place in my native in the 1960s. Growing up, I often listened to stories about this incident in my village which highlights the father's fight for survival, and I thought it would be the best subject for my film. Though the subject is of the 60s, I have modified it to take place in 2015-2017, with changes made to the story, accordingly," says the debutant director.

Produced by Anand Babu G, Dhairyam Sarvathra Sadhanam stars newcomer Vivan KK, Anusha Rai, and Balaraj Wadi in significant roles along with Vardhan Theethahalli, Rama Naik, Pradeep Pujari, Ram Pawan, and theatre artist Arjun Palegar in supporting roles. Judah Sandy has scored the music, and Ravi Kumar Sana has handled the cinematography for the film.

Darshan: Enough of playing good, I’m a bad boy now

The first look of actor Darshan from his upcoming film Devil – The Hero, was unveiled recently on the occasion of his birthday. Directed by Prakash Veer, the adrenaline-pumping 2-minute teaser introduces us to Darshan’s character, portrayed in a bold and badass avatar.

With a dapper new haircut, clad in a fiery red ensemble, shades on, and cigar in hand, Darshan commands attention as he faces off against his foes with effortless charisma.

The scene begins with an intense vibe but swiftly transforms into a display of devilish charm and offbeat antics, showcasing Darshan’s dynamic range. Set against a backdrop of opulence, we witness the Devil unleashing his wrath upon those who dare to cross him, painting a vivid picture of his unyielding and formidable persona.

“We have a little baby at home. This baby doesn’t like it when people take pictures of him. When the baby gets angry, he breaks the camera of the person who clicked his picture. Sarsu, would you like to know the baby’s name?” Darshan quips with a deep voice, followed by the crack of a gunshot, as he introduces himself as Devil in the teaser.

The pulsating beats of B Ajaneesh Loknath’s music add to the allure of the first look teaser, leaving fans clamouring for more. While the title and Darshan’s suave appearance hint at his portrayal of an antagonist, the tagline – The Hero – suggests a deeper layer to his character, hinting at the possibility of him playing a dual role in the film. However, director Mailana Prakash remains tight-lipped about the character details.

Speaking with CE, Darshan opens about his transformative approach to portraying the role for Devil. “From Majestic to Kaatera, I’ve always strived to inhabit diverse characters and embody unique body language. In Devil, I embrace the role of a Casanova, a true renegade. Enough of playing the good guy, I’m a bad boy in Devil, and I can pull this off with ease. I intend to breathe life into this character like never before,” he teases with a chuckle.

As the makers finalise the star-studded cast, cinematographer Sudhakar S Raj joins the technical team.  Devil marks the second collaboration between director Prakash Veer and Darshan. 

Chaithra Kottur to play Jaggesh’s mother in Ranganayaka

Jaggesh-Guruprasad’s much-anticipated Ranganayaka, produced by Vikhyath A R, is gearing up for release on March 8. The makers recently unveiled a retro love track from the film titled, 'Enna Manadarasi'. This song, featuring Jaggesh and Rachitha Mahalakshmi, has lyrics penned by Sharadasutha and music composed by Anoop Seelin. The latter has also crooned the song alongside Indu Nagaraj.

Meanwhile, the team has also announced the return of actor and former Bigg Boss contestant, Chaitra Kottur, to the silver screen after a hiatus. She is all set to portray a significant character, essaying the role of Jaggesh’s mother.

Guruprasad, the director, sheds light on Chaitra Kottur’s character, stating, “The character she plays is quite distinctive. In the bygone black-and-white era, actors like M V Rajamma portrayed such roles. Initially, we aimed to cast someone from that era; however, finding an actor from that age group, with a good sense of humour, was challenging. Thus, we decided to go for a younger actor and zeroed down on Chaitra Kottur. The dynamics of the mother-son relationship will be worth experiencing on the big screen, presenting multifaceted dimensions within.”

Chaithra Kottur shares, “Ever since the pandemic, I’ve been yearning for a platform to unleash my true artistic essence. Guruprasad provided me with this opportunity, urging me to work beyond my limitations. Art pulsates through my veins; it is my lifeline. This role illuminates a different facet of my craft, an opportunity I embrace wholeheartedly.” Recollecting her initial apprehension about portraying Jaggesh’s mother, she further praises the actor’s unwavering support and encouragement throughout the journey.

Darshan -Tharun Kishore Sudhir collaborate on a historical project Sindhoora Lakshmana

Darshan and Tharun Sudhir, who are revelling in the success of Kaatera, have announced their next collaboration. The successful duo is teaming up again, for the fourth time – D59, and this time for a historical venture on Indian revolutionary fighter, Sindhoora Lakshmana. Partnering with them are Yajamana and Kranti producers – Shylaja Nag and Suresha B, who will finance the project under their banner Media House Studio, and composer  V Harikrishna.

While Shylaja Nag expresses her excitement about this collaboration, Tharun shares a sentimental connection with Sindhoora Lakshmana. “Sindhoora Lakshmana was a play my father, and actor, theatre artist Sudheer, staged for at least 18000 shows, and it was a huge hit back then. The cassette of this play would sell like hotcakes, making it the highest-ever Ashwini audio in those days. I grew up watching this play, and I even remember the last day my father performed it. Even my mother has played a character in it. There are a lot of emotions attached to this title. Though I treat every film equally, this one is special and close to my heart. I am glad I took it up,” he says.

Tharun adds that the Challenging Star is always enthusiastic about portraying historical roles. “He had a vague idea about Sindhoora Lakshmana, and he would often discuss this role with me since I became a director with Chowka. Even my brother Nanda Kishore had approached him for this project, but it couldn’t materialize. I am glad we are finally making this project a reality,” says Tharun, who mentioned that the film requires a lot of preparatory work. “I am on a short break and I’ll start writing the script soon. I have travelled with Harikrishna and enjoy collaborating with him. As for Shylaja Nag, she is passionate about producing our film and Yajamana is a prime example of her dedication,” he says.