Satish Ninasam, Shraddha Srinath’s upcoming film, Dear Vikram is set to exclusively premiere on Voot Select on June 30. The trailer of the romantic political drama was launched along with the official announcement of the release date. The film, earlier titled Godhra, is written and directed by debutant filmmaker KS Nandeesh.

Also starring Raksha Somashekhar, Vasistha Simha, Sonu Gowda, and Achyuth Kumar, the film comprises a multi-narrative plot that revolves around the lives of Vikram (Sathish Ninasam) a journalist student, who stands up for what is right, and Nithya (Shraddha Srinath), an idealist who firmly believes in the importance of education.

Sathish, who is teaming up with Shraddha for the first time said that the biggest challenge they faced while making this movie was to match the schedules of the various actors, who were all equally busy with their commitments. “Moreover, we shot across Kukke Subramanya, Kurnool, Hassan, Bangalore, Bhatkal, Malaysia, and many more locations. We all have put in a lot of effort into this movie.”

Shraddha added, “It has been a long time since I’ve done a Kannada film. I am extremely excited to see the response to its release. This is a very intense film and I expect people to discuss it a lot after its release. When I look back after 10 years, I would be proud to have acted and worked in a movie like Dear Vikram.” 

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