In a recent interview with IGN, Carter Swan, the senior producer at Playstation Studios revealed details about the upcoming Twisted Metal live-action series. The series is based on the classic vehicle combat game which was first released in 1995. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, the Twisted Metal series of games was published for the Playstation console. 

According to the official synopsis, the series follows a driver who picks up a package and embarks on a journey to deliver it across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Talking about the series, Swan said, “You gotta have the cars, you gotta have the post-apocalyptic setting. There are a lot of characters that we thought were great. Obviously, Sweet Tooth has been announced and I think will be a very iconic character in the show. He’s being voiced by Will Arnett, played by the wrestler Samoa Joe, who did an unbelievable job. When you think of that game, the first thing that kind of pops into my head is the ice cream truck, that’s the piece that’s been marketed all these years.”

She further added, “Zombieland is a good barometer if you look at what happens in that movie as to what we could do. Their whole thing is you can have fun in the most apocalypse.”

The series stars Anthony Mackie in the lead while Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Haden Church, Will Arnett, and Samoa Joe play.

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