After the blockbuster success of Mufti, director Narthan received several offers but decided to proceed slowly. Bhairathi Ranagal was initially meant to be his second project, but due to his commitment to a film with Yash, it got delayed. However, all’s well that ends well, and Narthan is back with Bhairathi Ranagal. “I had already committed to Bhairathi Ranagal and had even received an advance. Initially, it was planned to be Shivanna’s 125th film, but I got busy with scripting a film for Yash, and this project got postponed.”
Regarding spending a few years on a project with Yash that didn’t materialise, Narthan says, “Even Yash didn’t take up any other projects. We both had confidence in our journey, and we were content. However, the story we had written had similarities to other released films, so we decided to change it. I will still work with Yash, but it will take some time,” says Narthan, who acknowledges that both Shivanna and Yash have always provided opportunities and encouraged him as a director.
Reflecting on the past five years, Narthan shares, “I have enjoyed the writing process. Patience, solitude, the gap between projects, and the time during COVID allowed me to observe how cinema became universal. Accordingly, we need to adapt our stories and direction.”
Narthan expresses his excitement about working under the reputed banner, and about returning behind the camera, stating, “As a director, I was never out of a job. I was involved in my profession, constantly writing. I just hadn’t directed a film, but that will change on June 10.”
When asked about his thoughts on prequels, which have become a trend in Kannada cinema, Narthan explains, “Since we didn’t explore Bhairathi’s past much in Mufti, we thought a prequel would be a good choice. Some stories naturally demand a prequel. Shivanna will go back approximately six years in Bhairathi Ranagal.” The film will be shot in locations including Mysuru, Bengaluru, and Bellary.