Sumit, an enthusiastic cricketer who played in the Karnataka Playing League, faced a turning point in his life when a spinal injury forced him to bid farewell to cricket. But the relentless youngster went on to embrace his passion for cinema. The Belagavi native is now settled in Bengaluru, Sumit is all set to test the waters with acting in the upcoming film, Gadayuddha, slated for release this week.

Reflecting on his journey, Sumit, who plays the role of Bheema in the film, shares, “After my injury, I had to leave cricket and shift my focus to the cinema. As I delved into the world of directing and cinematography, I stumbled upon director Shrivathsa Rao (Mrugashira) during my visits to various production houses. One of his stories caught my attention, and we collaborated on this project.”

Interestingly, it was Chiranjeevi Sarja who suggested Sumit to play the lead in Gadayuddha. “The director shared the story with me four years ago, without any specific plans for the lead role. He had also approached Chiranjeevi Sarja for a prominent part. During a visit to Chiranjeevi’s place, a photo of mine from a family function caught his attention, and he believed in my potential to become a hero. This prompted Shrivathsa Rao to consider me for the lead role,” expresses Sumit.

Gadayuddha, which will be released in multiple languages delves into the intriguing subjects of black magic and witchcraft, prevalent in Bengal and Kerala, with extensive research by the director. Shrivathsa Rao devoted two years for preparation, aiming to deliver both information and entertainment. The narrative primarily focuses on Banamati, a specific black magic practiced in Maharashtra. “Though Gadayuddha approaches the subject scientifically, it also maintains a commercial appeal. The filming of the climactic scene alone took 14 days, with a production cost of 1 crore,” shares Sumit, emphasising the dedication put into the project.

Nitin Shirgurkar serves as the film’s producer, while Dhanya Patil plays the female lead. Noted actors such as Sarath Lohitaswa, Ayyappa Sharma, Sadhu Kokila, and Sparsha Rekha play prominent characters in the film, and Vice King is the composer.