I would love to try my hand at screenwriting, says actor Emily Ratajkowski

Actor Emily Ratajkowski, last seen in Lying and Stealing, revealed that she is planning to become a screenwriter and novelist after her book My Body became a bestseller.

Speaking to Elle magazine about her dreams for the future, she said, “I would love to try my hand at screenwriting. To build out the media company that I founded around the podcast. I definitely would like to write future books. To try my hand at fiction, even if it’s thinly veiled, simply because I feel like the way that I exposed myself in ‘My Body’, I don’t know that I would ever want to do that again.”

She further stated how she learnt a lot about other people based on their interpretation of writing. “And a lot of the time, short stories and essays that I love are core to who I am and I feel like. I’ve been really impressed and really disappointed when I’ve sent them a bit of writing and then I’m like, ‘Oh, s**t, that’s how you see the world? Damn it. I want to go and see movies with you and see what you think.” Meanwhile, the actor has worked in films like Gone Girl, I Feel Pretty and Welcome Home.