Kate McKinnon to star in In The Blink of an Eye

Searchlight has cast Kate McKinnon in the sci-fi epic In The Blink of An Eye. The film will be directed by Oscar-winner Andrew Stanton. Colby Day will be writing the script for In The Blink Of An Eye and will serve as an executive producer along with Jared Ian Goldman.

Not many details about In The Blink Of An Eye have been revealed yet. The official plot description of the film reads, “The film follows three storylines, spanning thousands of years, intersect and reflect on hope, connection and the circle of life.” McKinnon is expected to essay a role different from her usual and known performances. 

While McKinnon was known for her stint in Saturday Night Live from 2012 to 2022, she has starred in films like Ghostbusters, Yesterday and Bombshell. The Magic School Bus Rides Again and  Joe vs. Carole are some of her other television show credits. She will next be seen in Barbie, which is slated for release this Summer.

Andrew Stanton has won two Academy Awards for Finding Nemo and Wall-E respectively. Apart from his animated work, he has also directed John Carter and episodes of Better Call Saul, Stranger Things and For All Mankind.