The creator of dystopian action horror film franchise The Purge, James DeMonaco, has completed the script of The Purge 6. The film will star Frank Grillo.

The Purge is set in the near future where the US is observing an annual holiday where all kinds of crimes are legal. The film franchise is known for using this theme coupled with horror to address political subjects.

The latest film of the franchise was titled The Forever Purge, which was expected to be the last film. However, in 2021 the filmmaker announced that a new script will be written.

“It’s [The Purge 6] not completely different than previous movies, but it’s a new America that we’re entering into. In ‘The Forever Purge,’ America kind of collapsed, and it’s really kind of mapped itself according to different ideologies. The states are based on sexuality, religion and ideology. So we’ve broken apart and the state of discord is at its worst. We enter The Purge in that world,” the filmmaker was quoted as saying by a Collider report.

A release date for the film is yet to be announced.