Törk (Adarsh Krishna), a talented 22-year-old music producer, songwriter, and sound engineer, is hoping to make a significant impact in the Indian music scene with his unique and innovative approach to the upcoming series, titled Ninagaagi. This project will be India’s first non-film pan-India album and the first-ever musical series from Kannada.

Ninagaagi is a deeply moving story that explores complex human emotions, addressing themes of depression, love, and the fragile nature of life. It serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of compassion and cherishing precious moments with loved ones,” says Tork. A2 Music channel will present Törk’s music album as a series.

Through the album, Törk aims to resonate with listeners of all generations. “Lead singer and director AKSH will bring immense passion and artistic brilliance to the forefront, capturing the essence of the entire project through the power of music,” he says.

The series features Nirikshith and Yanvi as the main leads and the cinematography is handled by Vkey, Shashank Jangam, and Deepu Narayan. “Their expertise breathes life into the songs, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the series. Additionally, the captivating aerial shots, masterfully executed by drone pilot Dhanushraj, contribute to the visual grandeur of the project,” Tork explains, adding, “Overall, Ninagaagi will be an immersive and unforgettable experience that will touch the hearts of our audience.”