The smile broadcasting her snowy white teeth amidst the snow of Annapurna Base Camp in the season of the festival of colours tells the story of high-spirited and passionate young trekker Swakriti Insan. It took her only three days to ascend to Annapurna Base Camp from Jinudada, Pokhara, Nepal. Her descent from the ABC was completed in a single day. This is a big milestone but a small fleet in the big trekking career ahead she is currently dreaming of.

Standing at a height of 4130m, she plans her next trekking and aspires of reaching mount Everest Base Camp. Swakriti’s met the fellow Trekkers from Nepal, Singapore, Spain, USA and many other countries they told that she was filled with enthusiasm throughout the trek and leadeing the big group. She even did not take any break in between while descending except a Lunch halt in Bamboo.

This achievement is not the first time for Swakriti; She was running up to 10 KM at the age of five during the COVID-19. She has also completed a 5 KM Marathon run recently organised by Dwarka Express Runners in Delhi, India. This provided the much-needed physical stamina to perform this stupendous task with ease.

When asked do you want a Barbie as a reward for this accomplishment, Swakriti said “No, I want to go on more challenging trek.” This was confidence of the young girl that can take her to heights in the future career. She is like the unpolished diamond but every new endeavour will polish her to shine bright.

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