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Former Indian cricket team stars Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar have proven to be the one of the best opening pairs in ODI cricket, who took the national team to great heights. In 93 innings, the duo has contributed a whopping total of 3919 runs. Apart from their on-field action, both the players also share a very close bond off the field. Recently, Sehwag revealed that how he and Tendulkar played a hilarious prank on Sourav Ganguly during their playing days and made him call an Adidas official for a t-shirt.

Sehwag stated that it was the Master Blaster’s plan to play a prank on Ganguly. He revealed that while the former captain was in the washroom, both of them spoke about receiving new Adidas jerseys from Germany.

“Sachin Tendulkar and I were brand ambassadors for Adidas. We went to the washroom, and Sachin said, ‘Let’s play a prank with Dada (Sourav Ganguly)’. He asked me to just play along. Dada went in the toilet and we were standing outside,” said Sehwag on Breakfast with Champions.

“He said, ‘These T-shirts from Adidas from Germany, how good are they,’ he added. “I agreed saying, ‘The stuff is really good’. And saying all this, we came out. Then, Dada called up Adidas, asking them to send the T-shirts from Germany, which were given to Sachin and Sehwag,” he added.

Sehwag went on to speak about how Sachin used to predict the line and length of a bowler before the delivery and it would help him a lot.


“I used to be Sachin’s gym partner. He taught me so much in life. He taught me about hardships and practice. He would predict a bowler’s length and give me a cue. When asked how he know, he’d say, ‘I have now played for so many years that I can predict how he is trying to get you out with a fuller length’. The next ball would be a full-length delivery only,” he said.

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